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Saskatoon’s favourite authentic Chinese restaurant. Great dishes including Szechwan, noodles, chow mein, stir fry, vermicelli, rice dishes, and more. Pickup and delivery online available through!

3140 Preston Ave. S

(306) 956-3375

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“Tasty, tasty Dim Sum”

Tasty, tasty Dim Sum.. This has turned into our regular Dim Sum spot. I like the variety that they provided for dim sum and that it isn’t completely catering to a western pallet like the Mandarin does. I definitely think that the carts could turn over a little more so we get more different things coming to the tables but other than that I have no complaints. The food is always hot when it comes to my table and extremely tasty. My personal favourites at Yip Hong’s are the lotus buns, duck feet and BBQ bun

“The food is always amazing”

Dim Sum!! This place is fantastic for dim sum! The food is always amazing, and I always end up eating too much, because I can’t pass anything that comes by on those carts! The staff are really friendly and I love the busy and bustling atmosphere that this restaurant has. I’ve been there a couple times for supper as well, but it is not as good as the dim sum. As for the dim sum, we go every Saturday morning. Barbecue pork buns are the best!



“Best dim sum in Saskatoon”

Best dim sum in Saskatoon. This place is one of my favourites – the dim sum is delicious and hot and there is a steady procession of carts coming around with good variety. Just be prepared to get a number and wait on most days.